5 Reasons Why University of Pittsburg at Johnstown is FLY! / by Shanelle Gabriel

1. Mount Cat Club on campus has the BEST Pumpkin Milkshakes. I don't even LIKE anything pumpkin other than their seeds, but THIS was freakin awesome!.

2. Students enjoy on-campus sledding. There are some steep hills and slopes nearby. WoooHooo!

3. Check out the Bag Lady (No, not Erykah Badu). There's a lady who comes on campus with a stroller. She attaches bags and bags of the 'treasure' she finds in the on-campus garbage and takes it home. How do we know? Every year, the City comes by to make her throw some of it out.

4. You can't help but feel safe with campus safety on double duty. They make it so hard to do bad things on campus, especially on the first week of school. Freshmen, look out!

5. Behold the famous Unicorn Man. He's a celebrity on campus for his red pants with one leg rolled up and the way he wraps his dreadlocks up on the front of his head like a Unicorn...Thus the name. There are many urban myths about him. Maybe someone should just ask him.