Videoshoot: "Open Your Eyes" by Heesun feat. Shanelle Gabriel / by Shanelle Gabriel

"When I tell u that I care, girl
You can make it if you try."

The first two lines of "Open Your Eyes" by my homegirl, Heesun ( Her rapping + me singing = a classic song telling fellow sisters to value themselves and open their eyes to the beauty inside them. If you haven't heard it, go to

A few weekends ago, I was blessed to be an integral part of Heesun's video for "Open Your Eyes." We filmed it at a spot in NJ that had a HUGE space and really sweet Labrador (I wanted to take her home!)

I met Heesun, her honey-do Tim, Barack, Rock (the producer behind both our albums), his wife Janelle who doubled as our stylist, the make-up artist, Steve the assistant DP, and the mind behind the video Andy. Pleshette came a lil later for her cameo.

It was a simple video, not too many background changes, not too many characters with amazing shots and profiles. Put a camera in front of me and I light up! Definitely a blast, and I can't wait to post the finished video soon!Me and the camera 

Heesun and IHeesun rocking on set










Focused on the setTwo Sistas doing big thangs!