If you missed my birthday party...Here you go! / by Shanelle Gabriel

To all those who couldn't make to my fabulous birthday party/performance July 9th at Negril Village, I figured I'd document the night for you.
Where it all happened
It was an amazing night. The biggest fear anyone has when throwing a special event is that no one will show. This was definitely not the case. The Rhum Lounge was packed with friends, family, and fellow artists (as well as the usual afterwork crowd). My band set up near the DJ section, and I mingled a bit while waiting to get the performance out of the way so I could party.




My outfit was fly thanks to my sisters Roxanne & Lianne. My dress was by Banana Republic, shoes by Aldo, and jewelry by Aldo Accessories.

Showtime! I opened with "She Had Everything" just so they could work out the technical stuff. Then, we jammed to "Start Something," I shared my poem "Vanity," and then did a cover of India Irie's "Yellow" (That is my song!) Of course I had to perform "The Reasons I Love You." Beatboxer extraordinare ended up being my muse for that poem that night. :)

In honor of Michael Jackson, I did a cover of "Remember the Time," one of my favs of his. And then we closed up with an encouragement to all to follow their dreams.

Now, time to partay!!!! Heyyy!!

You can see more photos in my Facebook Album. Click HERE

It was a great night! Thank you to Chris Williams for helping me organize the event. Thanks to Que, Danyielle from Her Journey Magazine, Derrick, Ninoshka and my Telecommunications HS crew, Cherie, Jason & Saint, Gianni, Chanel and the many other Sorors, Macario, of course Timothy Prolific Jones, Corey Lewis, John Thee Apprentice, Gia, Jaime aka RIP, Kathyanne, Sandy, Breyon, and the many other names I don't have enough space to mention. Thanks for taking the time out to celebrate another year of life with me. Thanks for the birthday cards, the gift cards, the bottle of wine and Nuvo (my fav), the Bath & Body set, the flowers, the Steve Madden bag (that I needed so much) and the many other presents I received. Thanks for supporting my art and in turn supporting me. Thank you for being such great friends.

Hopefully I'll see you all before next year!

Shanelle Gabriel