Random Entertaining Photos / by Shanelle Gabriel

I know, I suck... I haven't been keeping up with my blog, but I vow to be better. Now, this blog is going to highlight the randomness of the streets and public transportation systems. Who says you have to pay for entertainment? -------------------

This was outside the Bowling Green train station near my gym. Times are hard for everyone, even for guys that like to wear Panda suits. Whatever happened to the days of working for a lil extra cash?

This is more like it. A GIFTED pianist in the West 4th Street train station. One question: How the heck did he get the piano down there???

Driving in Queens, NY. I think it was a protest against the war, but I definitely was lost at first. Keep in mind, this is in front a shopping center with no funeral home in sight.

Look who I stumbled upon preaching in downtown Houston, TX. And I thought they only existed on Fulton Street, Brooklyn and in Times Square.

Well don't want to kill you with too many photos. Just love the randomness. :)