Day 26 Album Release Party & DJ Kool Herc's Birthday Party / by Shanelle Gabriel

It's April 14th and drizzling. This is the day my homegirl, Rosie a.k.a. "BadAssBrunette" from DTF Radio hits me up on Twitter saying, "We've got places to be tonight. I'll text you so you know where we're going." This leads up to two events, one so-so event with a lot of familiar faces, and another super-cool birthday party that closed up the night with a BANG!

First stop, Day 26's album release event at the Ed Hardy Store.

A sista hit up the red carpet. It was too darn cold to be taking off my jacket, especially with a gig the next day. Can't afford to get sick. lol.

Rosie and I are welcomed to an open bar of Nuvo, and a decent crowd of people. The organization of the store wasn't the best for an event like this, and I kept envisioning people pocketing hats and swiping clothes from the store after this event. I run into my good friend Mr. Red from I.B. Concept Magazine (He did a feature on me a while back). After hearing him talk about a wedding ring he swears is in the shop (joking), I continue to mingle. I tap a familiar face, only to realize it's Miguel Perdomo, a Sean John model I'd met at an event a while back. He's cool peoples (and very handsome, I must say). It was nice to parle with him and another model named Zenel who's modeled for Tommy.

I also saw my friend Quantum Leap (dope rapper), my Soror Sandrine C. on her PR grind, Mimi (fashionista/creator of, Eddie Shades from Talk of NY, and several other folks that run things in their field of expertise. The crowd gets thick by 12am, and Dawn (the sole member of Danity Kane) shows up. She's cuter on TV. Day 26 got in rather late, as they're supposed to, I guess. Could have but didn't sweat getting pictures with them; left that to my homegirl Rosie. She got all the shots especially since she's interviewed them on DTF Radio (shoutout the VIP Pass Show). Well, that was it for Day 26. On to the next event.


After grabbing a slice to eat just off West 3rd Street, we head to Sutra Lounge in Lower East Side, Manhattan for DJ Kool Herc's Birthday Party.

Sutra brings back memories to me; when I first started doing poetry, Culture Shock Mondays Open Mic was held here. To see it as a jumping party spot is amazing to me.

We walk inside and it's PACKED! The DJ line-up is crazy. DJ Evil Dee, DJ Scratch, DJ are all taking turns on the ones and twos. The birthday boy even got on the mic and turntables. It was great seeing him and several other Hip Hop Icons.

Ran into a few dancers I knew who were having their own private dance party in the middle of the dance floor. The event had such an old school vibe; it was excellent. Rosie and I hung out with DJ Scratch for the rest of the night. A real cool dude. We finally bounced at 2:30am, just as the crowd was starting to die down.

Nights like these make me remember what true Hip Hop was about...expression, love, and fun. From breakdancing to emceeing to graffiti, Hip Hop was always meant to be felt. I definitely felt the love that night at that party, more than I felt at the Day 26 event. The bougieness and 'exclusivity' can get tiring very quickly. DJ Kool Herc's party had no VIP section, no real dresscode, no red carpet, and the stars all realized they're actually REAL PEOPLE.

As I plan my birthday party for June 27th, I hope to have the same vibe for my special day.