New Poem: Untitled I / by Shanelle Gabriel

Words seep from my mouth
To your heart
My spirit speaks to your soul
And we leak secrets like faucets
Told each other things that have never been told
Days feel like months
And months like years
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
But distance forged the connection that's there
I sneak peaks at photos stolen
From online albums
Studied the place where Cancers and Taureans peacefully intertwine
Yet and still
I hear the phrase I know so well
"It's not the right time"
You feel perfection should wait for stars to align
For sundials to linger on new marks
Waiting for the beaches to be funneled empty of sand
My tears whisper on your bare chest
That I'll always be there
Ignoring the fear that creeps
Like shadows tiptoeing on windowsills
Ignoring the murmuring
Telling me to be trepidatious
When bartering lust for hopes of love
And I'm scared I've already made you mine in my eyes
Claimed you like you were my birthright
Like we were meant to give birth to the right type of love
Built on friendship, honesty, pleasure, and trust
And I'm here at the right time to show you how wrong
Every other female was for you
Willing to up my frequent flier miles for you
So we can be United
Through US Airways
Use Delta to change your perception of expressing emotion
Our love could span the world
It could be Continental
And I Amtrack-ing down all potential ways to keep
Our future together on the Frontier
You've become necessary to my day
Healthy like an apple a day
I need you like Centrum
You're complete to me
If only I could ingest you daily
This way
You could stay a part of me
Time and space need to bend for destiny
Cause while I don't know what he sees
I see hour hands fluttering
Moving at light-speed during nights we speak
"The right time" is relative
If you see something worth cherishing
Grab hold before it perishes
Because everything has a beginning
And in this situation
You determine how this ends
The perfect blend of lovers and friends
While whispers of worries work their way into your heart
I hope you'll help me hinder their existence
With kisses
Let me take them apart
What you call bad timing
I'll try not to take as rejection
And I hope this vision of near perfection
Is not just a mental projection
A figment of my imagination
Or an image to be cropped
Out of my mind
But for now my watch has stopped
I'm living in the now
Time will tell us the future
Just don't let time dictate when or how.

Copyright 2009 Shanelle Gabriel
Not to be re-posted or printed without the permission of the author