The PT Diaries #5......The Rudeazz Cab Driver / by Shanelle Gabriel

I need a lil extra dose of Jesus on some occasions...and it seems lately, public transportation has caused me to need a gospel prescription. (This blog is completely random, I warn you, but then again, aren't blogs for venting?)

These are the PT (Public Transportation) Diaries:

After catching a movie late in downtown Brooklyn, I figured I'd stop by a spot where my friend would be spinning just for a bit. Being that it was late and I didn't, I hailed a cab. I give my directions, and we take off. I decided to double check the address on my Blackberry only to find that I was off by maybe 6 blocks. I yell to the Haitian cab driver my mistake and go back to my random texting. As he turns onto 5th Avenue, which is not where he's supposed to go, I correct him. He huffs and puffs and says, "You told me 5th and 1st Street. I didn't know you were talking to me." I say, "Well, I wasn't on the phone, and there are just two of us in this cab, so I don't know who else I could have been speaking to." He gives me attitude, but continues on.

As we drive I start feeling a little ill. Apologetically, I tell the cab driver in my sweetest voice to scratch all of that and drive me home. Mercy! Who told me to change my mind?

"What?? You have to be kidding? (Huff) (Puff) (Sigh)"

I get fed up and ask what the attitude is for. He says "Cause you don't know where you are going. You say, 'Here,' then 'Here.' Make up your mind."

I refute, "You are a cab driver. You drive a cab. You take me where I want to go. You get paid either way; the meter is running."

"No. It is my job to take you from point A to point B, not point C and then D."

Rather than say the four-letter words that came to mind, I loudly told him to pull over because I don't need this [insert four-letter word].

(I used the word 'crap'.)

I gave him $5 for the $4.75 and made sure he gave me my quarter.

Praise God I have a car.