25 Random Things About Me / by Shanelle Gabriel

I was tagged to a note on Facebook, and apparently, once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Here it is:


1. My favorite movie has been, is, and will always be "The Muppets Take Manhattan." From age 3 to now, it still has the same effect on me.

2. I can make this weird sound with my voice that sounds like a cross between a monkey and a dolphin.

3. I don't like dreads. While they do look nice on some people, they're just not my thing.

4. Most people get annoyed when high school kids get on the train laughing loudly and making noise. I, on the other hand, get a wave of nostalgia, and I smile.

5. I like picking pimples...I know it's gross.

6. I performed in the Vagina Monologues in College. I read the monologue entitled, "The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could."

7. I can live on bread alone...seriously. I love bread: rolls, buns, sliced, bagels, whatever. No butter or jelly needed.

8. I don't get starstruck. I always tell myself, "They're just me in a few years."

9. I hate waiting for people; it should always be the other way around.

10. I still write in the diary I've had since 1998.

11. When I was 10, I wore a size 10 in women's shoes.

12. The reason I cut my hair off in high school (short like Eve when she first came out), was because the ponytail weave I wore to my ex-boyfriend's prom totally ravaged my hair. When I washed it, clumps came out in the sink. I had no choice, but once I did it, I loved it.

13. As a child, I swore I would grow up and marry a Kappa (ie. a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.) I don't discriminate now. Calling all Greeks and non-Greeks. :)

14. I have a thing for Vampires: movies, books, TV Shows. (I loved Buffy and Angel.)

15. My nickname was the "Human Radio" in high school. If it was on Hot 97 or WBLS 98.7 KISS FM (back when it was a hip hop station), I knew all the words.

16. I'm a HUGE No Doubt fan, but can't stand the solo-Gwen Stefani. How do you go from the depth of "Simple Kind of Life" to "Hollaback Girl"?

17. I love me some Southern men.

18. One of my most powerful moments: being let go and declining a transfer at Bear Sterns so I could fully pursue a career in poetry/music.

19. I was recruited by the CRIPS in high school.

20. My first pair of stilettos was my junior year in college, and I learned to put on make-up right before I graduated.

21. I hate what I write most of the time. My work always has to grow on me.

22. I know all the words and songs in the movie Wayne's World.

23. In my younger years, I don't remember ever thinking I was ugly; I just didn't understand why people didn't see what I saw in the mirror.

24. If it wasn't for the mother who raised me, I would have died of pneumonia as a child.

25. My first (and only) pet was a clam I brought home from the beach. I didn't tell my mom. Because I didn't know what to feed it, it died. My mom scrubbed down the refrigerator, the rest of the kitchen, and the house trying to figure out what that retched smell was.