Check me out in the new Q-Tip Video for "Manwomanboogie"! / by Shanelle Gabriel

Ya know a sista can act, right? Well, check me out in the newest video from Q-Tip called "Manwomanboogie." Amanda Diva's on tha hook. Shout out to Rik Cordero (director extraordinare) who asked me to be a part of this video. He and Three21Media are behind the videos for Nas' "Be a N----", Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" trailer, Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money", Jadakiss' "Who Run This?", and a slew of other great projects.

I love what this track is saying... "Could man beat struggle if a woman is there? I would have to say yes. Could women make it without man being there? She would have to be blessed." Yes, man and woman are meant to be support and there for each other, so what God puts together, let no man put asunder. Much props. :)